Capture amazing memories of your best friend to keep forever!

Taking a selfie with a horse isn’t the easiest thing to perform, is it?

Do you take photographs of your best friend but never get the image you really want?

Do you want photographs taken in a natural setting showing your best friend at their best?

Do you want high quality images you can share, either electronically or as wall art?

Then I am very glad that you’ve found me!  I can help you get those images.


I have had the best day with Stephanie taking photos of my pony – at the beginning wasn’t to eager asking for only photos of the horse none of me!   By the end she made me feel so comfortable that you couldn’t get me away from the camera…


How can I help you get those amazing photographs?

Before the session

I will spend a little time before the photoshoot talking to you to find out what makes your horse “tick”, what kind of photographs you are looking for (not everybody wants an action shot, or a portrait), and where you’d like the photoshoot to be.

After the session

I will book a viewing session for approximately seven to 10 days after the photoshoot.  At this session, I will bring along approximately 30-40 images for you to look through and choose the photographs you like best. This might be done at your home, or you could join me at my cabin studio for a cup of coffee/tea/glass of wine!  This will also give you chance to decide what package you would like to purchase.

To find out more information, you can download the ebook here.

The session itself

At the beginning of the two hour session, I’ll spend a little time letting your horse get used to my look and smell.  I’ll also be introducing them to the idea of having a camera pointing at them.  Some horses just do not like a camera pointing at them – this is not a problem – I have a few tricks up my sleeve!

The rest of the session will be spent getting the best images and really enjoying the time we have together!

I just wanted to share my photo shoot I had with Stephanie Paterson this week. It was fantastic! I Can’t recommend her highly enough!
She was completely understanding that my horse can be rather lively at times and listened to everything that I wanted as well as advising on good photo ideas!


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