#SilversWithSass  #CelebratingSilvers30-55

Are you 55 and under and have naturally silver hair?

I’d like to invite you to be part of my “Silvers With Sass -Celebrating Silvers 30-55” photographic project – a celebration of the absolute beauty and diversity of women who have naturally silver hair under the age of 55.

For one full year I’ll be creating stunning studio portraits of 47 women with silver hair under the age of 55 culminating in an exhibition and online article.

Why under 55, why 47 and why me?

55  Silver hair is synonymous with getting older and women (including me) dye their hair from an early age to “banish the greys”.  Recently there has been a revolution – women of all ages are embracing their natural silvers.  This project is to showcase the younger women and their amazing locks!

47 This was the age I was when I decided to bin the dye and show the world what I was covering up.  As if by chance, silver’s atomic number is 47 – how perfect is that?

Me My hair started to turn silver at the age of 18.  I then started a 30 year long campaign to “banish the greys”.  To begin with, it was fun.  I enjoyed the colours.  I enjoyed “looking after me”.  Due to stress, I developed a skin condition on my scalp that made it painful to dye my hair – yet I carried on regardless until one day I just did not want to do it again – I’d had enough.  I then saw an article about letting the silvers show and how it was now in fashion.  I never dyed my hair again!

As a “silver sister” myself, I think my own journey makes me the perfect photographer for this project.


 “Growing grey hair is the glory of life.”

Lailah Gifty Akita

Why this project?

Silver (or grey) hair has always been synonymous with getting older. From an early age, women have been conditioned to hide their greys.

There has been a “revolution” of silver hair, however, if you look at those who have artificially silver locks, they are the younger generation – next week they might be brunette, red or even blue.

Letting the silvers shine is a purely personal preference and should only be done for yourself, however, I believe there are three main reasons why women are resistant to letting the silvers shine ……

1. How others react.  There are a lot of women who are aged between 30 and 55 who are naturally grey and would love to embrace their natural locks, but they often faced with “restrictions” and objections ….. such as  “I don’t want you to have grey hair, I’m not old enough to have a grey-haired wife/girlfriend/other”, “You’ll look old”, “Your roots will show for ages”, “Ooh letting yourself go there” , but they’re all really saying “I’m not confident about myself: I don’t know that I can handle you being so comfortable in your own skin”.

2. The roots.  It can be so difficult to see the roots grow, and this is entirely natural; we’re just so used to covering them.  Unsurprisingly, this means that many women don’t even start to let the silvers take centre stage.

3. Going silver does mean we are getting older.  No matter how you package it, silvers do mean that the years have been passing, but for some of us, the silvers start shining at an early age, such as in our teenage years.  There are a lot of women who do not want to accept that time is trotting on – believe me – I was, and to a point, still am one of these ladies.

I want this project to inspire women who are thinking of being “au naturel” or who are currently going through the transition period just how amazing silver hair can be. I want to show them how it’s worth going through the transition to look as fabulous as you!

“Silvers with Sass” is the umbrella, as it were, for a two part project I am running.  “Celebrating Silvers 30-55” is the first – showing how fabulous younger women with silver are.  The next part will obviously be those wonderful ladies aged 56 and over!  You are more than welcome to join me on this fascinating journey!

“Gray hair is just another color in the rainbow of beautifully natural hair colors”

Shelley Krupa

Who am I looking for?

Ladies who:

  • have already gone through the transition and have a full head of beautiful silver hair
  • are aged between 30 and 55
  • can come to my studio in Crowthorne
  • want to inspire others to make the fabulous step they have made

Some frequently asked questions

I'm not exactly slim - are you looking for model-like women?

All women are models.  Whether you’re a size 8 or a size 24.

Please be assured I will pose you and take photographs to ensure you look amazing!

The aim of this project is to show how each woman is different apart from the fact we’ve not dyed our hair.

I don't have anything to wear!

Don’t worry – I have dresses and clothes for you to wear :).

I have clothes from size 8 through to size 26 – I will have something beautiful for you to be photographed in.

I don't normally wear make up; I'd prefer not to have my make up done

That is really not a problem.  I am trying to show how individual we all are – I am not trying to make us all look the same.

If you don’t want your make up done, we won’t do it!

I will be asking about how you like your hair and make up done during the pre-consultation call – so we can talk about this then.

I'd prefer not to have my hair styled/ I can do my hair myself

This is really not a problem.  We don’t all want to have somebody playing with our hair, or we are particular about how we like our hair done.

The aim of the project is to show how individual we all are!

I will be asking about how you like your hair and make up done during the pre-consultation call – so we can talk about this then.

What will you receive?

As one of my ‘Silvers With Sass/Celebrating Silvers 30-55’ ladies, you will receive a fabulous package which includes:

  • Pre-consultation with me to discuss how you want to be photographed – because this is about you, and not me
  • If you feel so inclined, hair and makeup on the day of the photo shoot (I want you to feel amazing – this may be with or without make up!)
  • A professional photo shoot, where I will guide you through to ensure we get photographs that you will absolutely love
  • A Viewing and Ordering Session where you can see all your beautiful photographs.
  • One mounted print  – 8×10 inch of your favourite photograph to keep as well as a web sized digital of that image for you to share. You are welcome to purchase additional prints.
  • Other conditions may apply.

The value of this package would normally be over £300, but all of this is being offered to you at NO COST TO YOU.

So that you are fully informed…..

I need to let you know  ……… this project will be promoted on my website, my FaceBook page, Instagram and by giving out business cards.

To take part in the project, please note I will be asking you to be interviewed (at times, this may be a video interview) about the photoshoot, why you wanted to take part in the project, your fabulous hair and your transition to silver.  The interview may be shared on my website and social media as part of promotion of the project.

I will be posting before and after makeover photos both online and in the magazine.

Finally ……..  I will be keeping in touch with everybody taking part throughout the project with updates, insights and information.  I’d love you to join the journey through this project!

Want to know more?