Miracle of Childbirth Photo Shoot Experience


You’re being told you look beautiful. You want to look beautiful – after all,  this is a magical time in your life, but sometimes you just can’t see it.   You’re tired, it hurts to walk and you’ve forgotten what your feet look life from top down.  Then comes the guilt about feeling down or sore because you know you are carrying such a beautiful bundle of joy. It’s only for 280 days, but it can feel like forever!

Believe it or not, you are beautiful and you have no need to feel guilty. You are stunning – your body is changing and is creating life.


Why, if you’re feeling like this, why would you want to have a photo shoot?

Although it feels like it’s a huge amount of time, your body will not look like this forever.  You’ll wonder how the time passed so quickly.

Many new mothers I’ve spoken to often say they either miss their bump, or even forget what it was like to be pregnant.

Photos taken during this amazing time show just how beautiful you are. You may have put on some extra weight (who wouldn’t when they’re carrying another human being), but it’s all about the belly! It doesn’t matter if your backside has grown an inch or two, we can hide that, or if you’re proud of the inches, we can show them to the world!  It’s all down to you.

Worried about stretch marks?  Stretch marks! Stretch marks, smetch marks – we can hide them, or they can be made to magically disappear in the digital world with a little photo shoppery.

Show off your Mama-Bear, be proud to show the world you are an amazing woman and enjoy some “you” time being the future Mum of your most precious passenger!

At a point in my pregnancy journey, I’m sure most ‘mums to be’ can relate to, when you feel frumpy, unattractive, unable to wear those beloved stilettos due to pelvic pains and weight gain, being somewhat useless with tiredness, not to forget the waddling!   …………

Never did I expect this 1st stage photoshoot experience to make me feel anything more than just nice!  Other photoshoots I have been on have made me feel good but not great! Not like this! I have been asked in the past to pose in different positions however Stephanie offers so much more. Stephanie not only reassures you throughout the session but she also shows you what she’s doing along the way to ensure she gets the perfect angle and of course shot, and that is exactly what she did, effortlessly!

The photos I saw looked incredible, even if I do say so myself. She directed me into every body movement and facial expression and made it so easy for me. I mean, I don’t have a clue when it comes to posing, but with Stephanie, I didn’t have to. She caught the most incredible shots of me that I have ever seen! Without my mouth wide open and for once without me grinning from ear to ear.

To top it off, it’s also made me feel so much better about myself throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. Now 3 weeks to go, I keep thinking back to that day and those captured shots I saw and really feel much better about myself. Stephanie caught the best of me to remember for life!

Emma W

This day is all about you.

Enjoy being pampered.  Have your hair and make up applied before being carefully styled and posed to best suit you and your bump.

All my clients have told me they have felt empowered, powerful and beautiful after seeing photos of themselves “in the nud”.