Head Shots – what do you need to know?


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What is your style of photography?

My whole aim of a photoshoot is to capture the personality of my models.

I prefer a natural looking headshots, where you feel and look comfortable.


How much does a photoshoot cost?

The cost of a headshot photoshoot is £200 for up to three people.

This includes 12 images of both high and low resolution, and in black and white.


Are there prints given with the photoshoot?

The fee for the photoshoot does not include prints, but does include digital files.

Prints can be purchased separately; you will find details on the Prices tab or in the e-Book.

I only want one digital file from the photoshoot, is this possible?

You may find you want more than one photograph.  Each photograph will be different, which gives you great flexibility of where you want to use them.

For instance, you may want a professional looking profile photo for, say, Linked In, but a more casual looking one for FaceBook.

If I book a photoshoot with you, what will happen first?

I will send you an invoice to confirm the booking.  Once paid, it means you’re in the diary – you’re booked in and we get on with the first exciting part of the photoshoot – the planning!

I’ll arrange a time to give you a quick call, or if you’re local, we can meet up for a coffee and a chat about what you want from the photoshoot, what your expectations are and how you can envisage using the images.  This is technically called a “Pre-shoot Consultation”, but quite frankly, it’s more like a good chat!

We’ll have fun planning what to wear – you may want to be in the photos to create some lasting memories with your family.

The location of the shoot will be a part of our discussions too – you may already have a fabulous place in mind!

This is also a good chance to ask any questions you may not have found the answer to here or on any calls we may have had.

Do you only work indoors?

Not at all.

It depends on the nature of the photographs you’re looking for.  I have a cabin studio that provides beautiful lighting, however, the great outdoors yields amazing light and fabulous photographic opportunities too!

Where shall we go for our photoshoot?

We will discuss this during our pre-shoot consultation as to the best place for the photoshoot.

There are  some pretty amazing places around the Bracknell / Crowthorne area, or you may prefer to hold the shoot in my cabin or in your place of work.

You may not be able to travel, so this is also something we need to take into consideration during our chat.

Rest assured, we will make sure that if we do decide the photoshoot will be outside that we always have a Plan B, just in case the weather should decide it doesn’t want to cooperate with our plans.

What if it’s raining on the day of the photoshoot?

If the weather is not good for the day of the photoshoot, we have two options available to us.

We can either re-schedule to another day (at no additional cost to you), or we can change the location – either to your home, or to the studio.

I will call you the day before the photoshoot if the weather is not looking good to discuss this with you.

Do I need to supply anything for the photoshoot?

Do you ever ask your friends when you’re going to theirs for dinner and they reply “Just bring yourselves”?

That’s because they have planned the dinner, the wine, the music and all they need now is fabulous company.

That is just like one of my photoshoots!  You don’t need to supply anything – I have drinks, nibbles and camera equipment.  You just need to bring you and a few changes of clothing.


Can I get my hair and make up done before the session?

Of course!

Just let me know at the pre-consultation and I can arrange this for you.  There will be a £75 additional charge for this.

How long will it be before I get my images?

You will get the images approximately 10 to 14 days following the photoshoot.

What will happen after the photoshoot?

I will choose between 10 and 12 of the best photos from the shoot and process them in a photo editing software.

Once they are complete, I will send the digital files to you by electronic transfer.

What if there are three of us?

Not a problem!

It will be £50 per additional person – each person will get 3 images each (in both colour and black & white).

Why can’t I see all the photos from the shoot?

In all honesty, you wouldn’t want to.

Photographing a living, breathing animal means they blink, they move suddenly, or make very strange faces.

I will show you photos in the back of my camera as we go through the photoshoot, but I won’t show you full images until they have been digitally finalised.

What I always do, and I love doing – is bring along some really funny out-takes.  Moments that made us laugh on the photoshoot, or that made me laugh out loud during the processing.  My aim is for you all to have fun – why should it stop at the photoshoot?


I really do not like having my photo taken, I always look very strange

I feel your pain – I feel far more comfortable behind the lens rather than in front of it.

I will spend direct you to stand in ways that you feel comfortable.  I will show you the photos in the back of my camera as we move through the photoshoot.  You’ll be amazed how fast the photoshoot will go,

As one of my clients said “by the end she [Stephanie] made me feel so comfortable that you couldn’t get me away from the camera”.


How can I use my images?

Purchasing the photos from Stephanie Paterson Limited means you have the licence to reproduce them for personal and business use only.

You will have high resolution images to use on print media related to your business, and low resolution images for use on online platforms.

The images will not be watermarked.

How do I book?

If you’d like to go ahead with the photoshoot, that’s fabulous.

Either give me a call on 07770 606 683, or contact me by email (stephanie@stephaniepaterson.co.uk); alternatively, you can use the Contact Form at the bottom of this page.

I look forward to speaking with you!



Can I invite friends and family to the photoshoot?

Yes of course!

Some of my clients have organised picnics and incorporated a photoshoot with it – I’m not sure who has the most fun – them or me!

It’s worth bearing in mind the more there is to photograph, the less time each person or family will have in front of the camera, so you may want to consider extending the time of the photoshoot – with a group of you, this cost can easily be shared.

Having a group viewing after the photoshoot means you could all take advantage of the cost savings available by purchasing a collection between you all.

That question still going around your head? Ask away!

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