your business and


If you are providing a paid service, then you are a business.

As a business, you are a brand.

If you’re not attracting the right clients, you may not have the right brand.


Heard all this before?  That’s because having the right brand and amazing professional presence on your website or social media will speak for themselves.  Professional photos will attract customers. 

Why should you invest in branding and styling?



Be in control of what they say.  


Do your potential clients know your values?  Do they know who you are?  Would they know how to describe you?

Show them who they are. 

Have professional photos on your page.

 Think back to when you were booking your summer holiday and you were leafing through the brochure, deciding where to stay.  Did you just read the reviews and by-pass the photos of the hotels, or were you swayed by them?  Which hotel won your business?  Let me guess – the one with the best reviews and photos?  (I know – the pool and jacuzzi definitely helped though, didn’t it?).



Customers want to know the person or people behind the company.  They want to know that you take your business seriously; that you are a professional who can be trusted with their beloved pets – whether it’s a service you offer, or goods you sell them.

The majority of clients who choose their suppliers online want as much information as possible before even deciding to make a decision to commit.  Help them make that decision.  Tell them about your business; what you offer, and about you.  Draw them in by telling a story about your day; what it looks like behind the scenes.

Demonstrate the values of your company in photos – don’t just write them, show them.




emotional invest

in your company

before even speaking

with you

They show your personality

Stephanie worked with me to establish the values of my company.

I wanted the photos to portray how much I care about my clients and their horses needs and that I am a professional my field. Stephanie helped guide me, as a pet owner herself, on what sort of shots would help attract her as a potential client.

Stephanie was so easy to work with, it was so relaxed and fun! The whole shoot from start to finish was a pleasure!

I would advise anyone with a pet based company to invest in having Stephanie Paterson Photography help with the branding and marketing of their business. It’s really helped me build my business and attract new customers. The photos have been conversation starters and I have had comments such as
“They just make the page look so much more professional”


Bespoke Equine Services



You’ll receive in excess of 30 images from the session in both high and low resolution.

This means you can use them on your webpage, social media page or even print them on business cards, flyers, posters.  Heck, you could even use them on a 30 foot billboard if you so wished!




40 minute photoshoot

In The Cabin Studio, or a fabulous location, or at your home

(1 hours’ driving from Bracknell)

pre-consultation call

40 minute photoshoot for up to 3 people

editing and processing of images post shoot

12 digital images

private online gallery



4 hour photoshoot

Branding session

Up to 2 locations

(1.5 hours’ driving from Bracknell)

pre-consultation call

4 hour solid shooting time

1 hour branding and styling session

editing and processing of images post shoot

bespoke business card design and printing (50 cards)

branding statement

social media styling




4 hour photoshoot

Branding session

Styling session

Up to 2 locations

(1.5 hours’ driving from Bracknell)

pre-consultation call

4 hour solid shooting time

1 hour branding and styling session

editing and processing of images post shoot

bespoke business card design and printing (150 cards)

branding statement

social media styling

bespoke eBook for use online, printing or sending by email

5 page website




I’m a great believer in knowing as much as possible before you decide to purchase anything.  I’ve therefore tried to think of as many things that I’d be asking if I were in your shoes …….

How much does it cost?

A branding session costs £495

The Package includes:

  • Pre-consultant call to discuss your needs and wants from the photoshoot.
  • Pre-shoot information sheet.
  • Four hour photoshoot (shooting time, not overall time – which will allow for outfit changes, location changes and even the odd cup of coffee!).
  • A private online gallery to view the images and choose your favourites.
  • 30+ images in both high and low resolution for immediate download.
  • Bespoke Business Card design and printing (50 cards)
How many images will I receive?

You will be able to download in excess of 30 images if you choose the Branding Package.

I only want one or two images, can the fee be negotiated?

If you wish a fewer number of photographs, you may want to consider a Headshot Package at £195.  The shoot will be for 40 minutes – you will receive 12 images.  This can be used for up to three people (4 images each).

The Branding Package tends to cover many facets of a business and therefore requires more time than an ordinary photoshoot and will produce a large number of images.  In order for to you to choose your favourites, this will still require the same amount of time for processing.


Not at all.  The Branding Package includes four hours of photography that can be split between locations, ideally on the same day.

does this include photographing products?

It depends on the product and how you want it portrayed.  If the product can be photographed whilst we’re on location, then yes.

If the product requires a studio setting, then this can be booked separately at a reduced fee if you have purchased the Branding Package.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Of course.  Payments can be made with two payments of £247.50 for the Branding Package or three payments of £500 for the Whole Caboodle Package.

The photoshoot can be held after the first payment.  All items, including images will be delivered once the final payment has been made.

i have a team of people, it's not just me

This is really not a problem.  Just make sure they’re around at the time of the photoshoot.  The Branding Package has a maximum of 10 people that can be included.

I really don't like myself in photos

I get that, I really do

I will help guide you during the shoot how to stand sit, walk or otherwise to ensure we get the best images of you.  Wherever possible we will photograph snippets, such as a boot, hand etc., to incorporate your logo.

The one thing I absolutely promise is that you will feel more comfortable in front of the camera as we go through the photoshoot, and I will only show you photos of you that I feel you’ll be happy with.

Why should I work with you?

Because as a pet owner, I could be your perfect client.

I also see your business objectively – it is very difficult to step back from something so personal as your own business and decide what a potential client might be attracted to, so it’s often beneficial to work another business owner, especially one who knows your end client.

How long after the photoshoot will I see the images?

Normally 10-14 days following the shoot.  I will let you know immediately when they’re available to view.

How will I view my images?

When the images are ready, between 10 and 14 days after the shoot, you will be sent a link to an online gallery.

How many images will I get to choose from?

For the Branding Package, there will be in excess of 30 images to choose from.

During the photoshoot, I’ll be taking images with multiple poses, looks and depending on the photoshoot you’ve chosen, outfits.

Will I be able to download the images immediately?
You will be given two weeks to review the watermarked images.  You will be asked to mark which images are your favourites and those images will then be made available for you to download.
What if I don't like the images?

If the images have not yet been downloaded and if applicable, business cards have been ordered, and therefore will not be used; then you will be given a full refund.

Once the images have been downloaded, no refunds can be given.

Do you only photograph pet businesses?

For the Branding and Whole Caboodle Packages I do only work with pet businesses.  If this is something I can help you with, then please do get in touch.



Now, if I’ve piqued your interest and you want to know more, why don’t we have a short chat?  It won’t cost you anything, and it’s certainly not obligatory to book.

Looking forward to hearing from you!