About me

It will probably come as no surprise to learn that I am a huge believer in photography.  I find myself mesmerised by photographs taken way back in the past – we get to see the fashions, the cars (or lack of), the emptiness of open meadows that are often now housing or industrial estates.

I hadn’t realised quite how much I was affected by photographs, or the lack of them until we lost our beautiful Chocolate Labrador a few years ago.  It was absolutely heartbreaking, but then even more so when I realised we didn’t even have one good photograph of her to put on the wall, as she hated the camera – they’re all blurry and a “block of colour” because she was so dark.  She even knew when we were taking a photo on our phones!

So, now our new (and existing) dogs have had hundreds of photos taken of them!  I’ve learnt a few tricks to make sure I can take fabulous photos to ensure my clients don’t experience what I had to go through.

Not only do the dogs enjoy my little tricks, but they also make the owners laugh – I always wonder what passers by think when they see us as they go past!

Our dogs

We have three dogs, who bring such fun to the house.

They’ve been my sort of willing volunteers on my journey in photography & have taught me a whole lot about working with multiple personalities!

If you’d like to meet our gang, just click on the photo!

Relationships matter

I love to capture relationships ……….. between people, their pets, and themselves.

It gives me a thrill every time when a client turns around and tells me they never realised they could look as good as they do in the photos.  All I’ve done is bring out what’s there – most people don’t like being in front of a camera, so they don’t tend to shine.  I love bringing that shine out – who wouldn’t?

I know what you’re going to say ……….

….. your dog/cat/horse/parrot/iguana – they never stand still like ours do ….. yours hate the camera ….. yours are not particularly photogenic, etc. etc..  Believe me, the photo of three dogs took lots of patience, lots of treats and lots of laughs, (especially as I was on my own), which are amongst some of the skills that help me to take fabulous photos for my clients.

I like to think I’ve become the next Dr Doolittle – animals seem to become supermodels when I point my camera at them!  If they’re not posing for me like the stars they are, they’re following me around, which may not be that productive, but provides endless entertainment for their “Mums” and “Dads”.

I’ve also learnt from my mistakes, such as visiting a horse sanctuary to take photographs of the horses for their website.  I decided it would be a good idea to have polo mints in my pocket!  I felt like the Pied Piper with a long line of horses following behind me, rather than standing in front of me for their photo opportunity!

The best way to get the best image is making sure everybody in front of the camera is having fun!  I always make sure my clients enjoy their photoshoots – it’s all part of making memories!

I love bringing goodies to a photoshoot – it’s amazing what a little bit of bribery will do to get a pet to pay attention!  Just so they don’t feel left out, I always bring goodies for their human companions too!

I have had the best day with Stephanie taking photos of my pony – at the beginning wasn’t to eager asking for only photos of the horse none of me.  By the end she made me feel so comfortable that you couldn’t get me away from the camera…

Chelsea N.

Treating you like the supermodel you are!

I can hear you thinking from here ……. you don’t like looking at yourself in a photo, so why on earth would you put one on the wall?

I know exactly what you mean! As soon as my chin spies a camera pointing at it, it not only doubles, but quadruples so it can take centre stage of the photo; and as for my bingo wings that double as my arms ….. well, they start flapping in panic they might be left out of it all!  Having my own hang ups means I understand you might have hang ups too.  I’ve learnt how to work with and pose my clients so they feel and look amazing in front of the camera.

A passion of mine is to make sure my clients really enjoy their photoshoots – to me, it’s more than just taking your photo, it’s about making you feel confident, that you want your photo taken and you feel proud of the photos of the photoshoot you have hanging on your wall.

Find out a little about the type of photoshoots on offer.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, don’t be disheartened – just send me a quick email or call and we can discuss it!