Hi, I’m Stephanie ….. photographer, coffee lover and an abuser of clichés and quotes.

Before we start – a question I’m often asked …… do I prefer being called Stephanie or Steph? Long answer ……. I’ve been called lots of things (especially by my lovely Mother in Law who can never remember my name – this morning I was Vanessa!). My rule is – if you’re speaking and generally looking in my direction, I’ll assume you’re talking to me! Short answer …… either will do.

As a sucker for procedures but definitely not of routine, I love providing my clients with the photographs they are looking for, and not the photos I think they should have. Saying that, I always direct or bribe my clients to stand/sit to get an amazing image (treats given where required!).

I don’t take photos of just one thing like some other photographers. I love variety. I love creating art from multiple genres.  I also believe this keeps my photography fresh and allows me to give my clients what they’re looking for.

[Stephanie] directed me into every body movement and facial expression and made it so easy for me. I mean, I don’t have a clue when it comes to posing, but with Stephanie, I didn’t have to. She caught the most incredible shots of me that I have ever seen! Emma W

My style on a shoot is probably best described as relaxed. I always try to bring humour into everything I do; yet what really drives me is making sure my clients have the best experience, whilst ensuring they get amazing images. I truly believe a photoshoot SHOULD be an experience, rather than just having your photo taken.  From the moment I first talk to my clients, I work to make them feel they are an individual and not another item on a customer conveyor belt.


“You can’t be what you can’t see”
Marian Wright Edelman

……….. Stephanie creates a full package experience rather than a photographic treadmill, refreshing and highly recommended

Rachel M

To ensure my clients get the most out of their photoshoot, I get to know them. I always meet my “human” clients before any photoshoots by either getting together for a coffee, or a Skype/telephone call to discuss what they’re looking for.  This also gives me the chance to “plant” ideas my clients haven’t thought about.
I get to know my “non-human” clients at the start of the photoshoot.  Bribing with treats works well I find – once they’ve fed me a few, I’m all theirs!
…… [Stephanie] …….. put me and Daisy at ease straight away. The photographs she’s taken are just stunning and so many have made tears spring to my eyes, they will be cherished. Rachel W

The way we experience the world around us is a direct reflection of the world within us.
Gabrielle Bernstein
I love how a photo shoot can change the way my clients feel about themselves. I always endeavour to make sure my clients feel relaxed and comfortable in front of my lens.  My aim at the shoot, apart from taking amazing images, is to see my clients walk away from the shoot feeling on top of the world, ready to take on anything; and if not a human, full of treats and having had a really fun time.

A daydreamer by nature, I absolutely relish the suspension of disbelief.  If I could, I’d be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Captain Marvel; whizzing through space, flying here there and everywhere; the only thing that stops me is a ridiculous fear of falling!  I’d be more of a hindrance than a hero – on a helicopter ride over London, I’m not sure which one of us was more frightened – me, or the pilot who suddenly found my grasping, panicky hand dangerously close to his joystick!

I keep thinking back to that day and those captured shots I saw and really feel much better about myself.  Stephanie caught the best of me to remember for life! Emma W

My home is filled with unconditional love from my three pooches and my very patient and understanding husband!  I don’t have children, however, having to cope with a temperamental German Shepherd who’s renowned for being a clown, a sensitive soul and for sulking; along with two older, doddery girls who have selective hearing and think they own my house, definitely keep me on my toes!

What this has taught me is how to work with multiple animals at the same time and endless patience.  There is a reason they say don’t work with children and animals – but I love the chaos!  How does this help you?  To cut to the chase – if your dog won’t sit still or your baby won’t go to sleep – I can still take amazing images of your loved ones doing what they love (or want!).

I have a confession to make…. the part I adore the most (apart from meeting and “shooting” my clients), is when we look through the photos together at the Viewing and Ordering Session.  My clients often feel like my friends by this time; I’ve got to know them from the moment we started talking and the time we spent together on the shoot. I just love, love, love to watch their faces as they fall in love with their images. The little whispers and “oooooohs” – it’s this moment that just “gets” me.  This is what I love about my job!
Stephanie took a huge amount of care and time when it came to present the pictures she had taken and the final prints are amazing and have pride of place in our home. Rachel M

“It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter”.
Alfred Eisenstaedt

The people I love to work with are those who want an experience from start to finish and not just a photo shoot; who enjoy the interactions we create, who get excited about looking through their photos with me whilst enjoying a glass of wine or tea/coffee, and who can’t wait to have their products personally delivered (always accompanied by chocolate!).

If your current requirement is for a photographer who will take photos and upload them on a website for you to choose from, then I’m afraid we will not be a good fit.  If you’d like to keep in touch and find out how I may be help you in the future, please make sure you join the mailing list below.