I am fascinated how ladies are making the transition once they’ve made the decision to go au naturel.

Looking back, I think I was quite lucky in that I had just decided to start lightening my hair after suddenly going very dark to hide my unexpectedly purple locks for my wedding day (a story for another day!).

My hair was therefore pretty light in colour when I decided that enough was enough and the dye could go and do one. I had roots; I didn’t like them, but I was still quite light enough that not everybody noticed my transition.


Just Ditching the Dye

One of my friends had dark hair and just let her roots grow until the roots were her main colour. I was in absolute awe of her “brazenness” of going against the grain of covering her natural silvers. Over the year or so of her transition, she would post update photos – it was so fabulous to watch her progress. It was also interesting to see how the dye started to fade and her natural colour began to truly show itself in all its glory!

You don’t have to do it alone

I belong to a group on Facebook where ladies document their journey and celebrate their natural colours and provide support to each other during the transitional process, and living with their fabulous silver locks.

You’ve probably picked up on the words “provide support to each other”, and wondered why on earth support might be needed. It can be incredibly hard at times to watch the roots grow – it’s like an itch you are desperate to scratch at times. It would be so easy to grab that box of dye, or book an appointment to get the silvers covered up than to continue watching the two lines of colour make the journey down the side of your head!

It takes resolve!

I almost succumbed myself – sitting in my hairdresser’s chair and moaned that I was so tempted to just put the dye back on because I was fed up with my roots. My hair looked messy; the colour was getting on my nerves! Luckily, Janie, my amazing hair dresser was having none of it and managed to convince me otherwise! It had taken over a year to get where I was at the time and I was willing to give up all that hard work for one moment of weakness!

There are ways of making it easier – get the scissors out!

I’ve seen ladies who have had long, past shoulder long hair who have become so disenchanted and impatient they’ve had the whole lot cut off and get a pixie cut! One or two have even gone to the lengths of getting the razor out and have shaved the whole lot off! Needless to say, they all look amazing and their hair was fabulous as they shared their new growth. They are definitely far braver than me – they have my full and utmost respect!

Sometimes you don’t have a choice!

There are ladies who have found themselves losing their hair due to illness or medical treatment, and have fully embraced their new colour coming through. Not only is it wonderful to see their health improve, but also to see their crowning glories emerge.

It’s a brave and personal decision

Regardless of how the silvers have started to take centre stage, it’s taken a decision of a brave lady to either never to dye or to stop a habit of a lifetime – sometimes going cold turkey!

It’s a very personal thing to decide to ditch the dye, and it has to be the individual’s decision to do so.

If you’re thinking of starting the transition, or are in the process – hang in there; it’s definitely worth it!