In this age of cameras being on practically anything technological, there is no excuse for not having at least one photograph of your beloved dog or dogs.

I find when working with my clients, their initial reaction when I get my camera out is they immediately ask their dog to sit down. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, however, let me ask you the question – when you think about your dog, about what makes you smile and why you love them – in your mind – are they sitting, looking at you?

Or are they running around, playing ball? Or are they being goofy, rolling around on the floor? Do they just have their face RIGHT in your face?

Do they have a favourite trick?

What do they do that makes you laugh?

The reason I ask this question is that, like humans, dogs can show emotions on their face and in their ears, and when you ask them to sit when they love to run, you are not capturing the “real” them.

My beautiful Chocolate Labrador, Buffy, whom I’ve mentioned before, absolutely hated having her photograph taken. If she saw my camera pointing at her, or even a phone looking her way, she’d be off! She would look away or just walk off! I have a few photos of her, but they’re not doing what she loved.

She loved to play with a football, she used to love running down the beach after seagulls. How many photos do I have of her doing this? Absolutely none.

The closest I have is a photo of her in her dotage after walking through the scurvy surf and has little white socks. It’s not a good photograph either.

So, I decided to take photos of our dogs today doing what they love.


Dibbs loves sticks and balls – he’s not bothered which. Balls are a preference. His party trick is to hold two balls in his mouth at one time, but hasn’t quite mastered the multiple stick carry!

It helps in that he loves having his photograph taken!


Daisy loves sticks and balls too. She doesn’t like to give them away.

She has to hoard them.

Her record to this date is three sticks at once!


Tillie these days like to lie around, after all, she is 101!

I regret not getting more photos of Buffy and Tillie in their heyday. I wish that instead of the few photos I have of Buffy sitting, I had more of her doing what she loved.

I regret not getting more photos of Buffy and Tillie in their heyday. I wish that instead of the few photos I have of Buffy sitting, I had more of her doing what she loved.

But what if they like sitting down?

If you have a dog that loves to sit, or doesn’t sit too often, then get that photograph!

For instance, this beautiful boy doesn’t sit very often due to losing a front leg to cancer.  His “Mum & Dad” were thrilled to have this moment captured.

That’s what it’s all about!



How this changed the way I photograph dogs

I now know what I want from a photograph of my own dog.  I want to see them enjoying themselves.  I want to see them in a photograph as I love them.

This is why I now ask my clients not to ask their dogs to sit straight away – I love to get to know their personalities before they’re asked to sit.

They may be a ball chaser, a stick carrier or even just a jumping jack!

Their personalities need to be captured, whomever takes the photograph!

What can you do to get these photos?

Well it just so happens that I’ve written a free downloadable booklet for you to help get a better photograph of your beloved friend.  You can find the link to it below.


Let me see!

Share photos of your dog on my Facebook page – I would absolutely love to see them!